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Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus on whole, the world people are guided to maintain social distancing to ensure that they can live alive or safe from this virus. Because of this virus, a lot of people who were working in different states to fulfill their needs now have got stuck and because of that, they are not even able to fulfill their basic requirements. The government is trying to help them in every possible manner and in that they are providing them shelter, food, and a lot of things that are a basic necessity of living.

Apply Online for Haryana State Migrant Form
Apply Online for Haryana State Migrant Form

Haryana Migrants Workers Go For Home Application Form

Regardless of the government is providing these services to the people a lot of people are migrating on their feet to their native place so that there they can live under their roof and can live safely. They are going on their feet for kilometers to ensure that they can reach back home, and that condition came because due to coronavirus public transport has been shut and private transport is also allowed based on an emergency only. In that case, they are not left with any other option, and to reach back home now people are walking on roads, on railway tracks, and in so many different places.

Haryana Migrants Registration Form 2023

Now for these migrants government is organizing migration services where these people can register themselves online and then the government will arrange the transportation facilities for these people to call them back home. Now for that Haryana government is also inviting people to fill online migration applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation under COVID-19 Pravasi Yatra Panjikaran which allows the candidates to travel to states or come back to the state. Now people can fill this form online through the official website edisha.gov.in where they can choose eForms and MigrantService options. These facilities are only available to some people as of now which are –

  1. Migrant Labour who works daily
  2. Students
  3. Tourist

These people can fill the Haryana or other states can fill Migrants online application online and can register themselves to come back to go back home under the Haryana government help to return to their home state due to this coronavirus lockdown situation.

Pravasi Yatra Panjikaran registration 2023 During Coronavirus Lockdown

This Pravasi Yatra Panjikaran registration is mandatory for all the migrant laborers, students, tourists, and all the other people who are migrating from one place to another nowadays. And all those people who have been allotted or given the registration form and information are not required to fill this form at the DC Office of that concern area.

The state government of Haryana has also started or launched the Jan Sahayak Help Me App through which also people can register themselves and go back to their native place. The earlier government was providing them only daily basis services and shelters but now after seeing the increasing number of migrants daily, the government is launching these migration services.

How To Apply Online for Fill Haryana State Migrants Workers Registration Form 2020

To fill this form online for the migrants who want to come back to their native state Haryana the form can be filled by following some simple steps which are –

  1. Candidates need to visit the official website which is https://edisha.gov.in/eForms/MigrantService
  2. After which they can simply fill their mobile number under the Migrant Registration Service option in the form.
  3. After which they can select the radio button in the category of people who wish to come back to Haryana from different states due to this pandemic situation. After which they can fill Haryana Migrant Come Back (Return) Online Registration Form and can submit it.

The process for those who wish to go back from Haryana to their native state can fill the migration form online by following some simple steps which are –

  1. Go to the official website https://edisha.gov.in/eForms/MigrantService
  2. After reaching their fill the mobile number and migration services option.
  3. After this go to the radio option where they will get the form under which they can click on the option migrant who wishes to go back to their native state from Haryana and after filling the details they can submit these forms.

The government is taking a lot of oof security measures for these migrants where they are making sure to do their screening and their health checkup to avoid the outbreak of coronavirus more in their respective states.

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